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Orthopedic & Sports Injuries
Arthritis Treatments
Neck Rehabilitation
Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
Knees, Hips, Ankles, Shoulders, Backs
Women's Health
Vestibular Rehabilitation

exterior view of the Advanced Physiotherapy clinic in White Rock


Advanced Physiotherapy in South Surrey / White Rock wants to be part of your whole body health care solution by providing professional, evidence-based physical therapy treatments. Our promise is a thorough evaluation using a number of unique physiotherapy assessment tools and providing a combination of hands-on treatment and other treatment interventions that will help provide the best evidence-based care for your quick recovery from injuries or best-care practices for chronic health care problems. When you are recommended to our clinic or refer another person to our clinic, we strive to ensure that the patient / your family member/friend experiences the best physical therapy care possible. 

Advanced Physiotherapy uses a number of treatment and assessment tools that are relatively unique in physiotherapy practice for specific areas such as neck assessment and treatment via the MCU (Multi- Cervical Unit), as one example of highly objective assessment tools for assessing individuals who may have had neck-related injuries such as a whiplash associated disorder.


Our care is focused on favourable patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Advanced Physiotherapy offers our patients a professional, welcoming atmosphere and treatment protocols to provide patient value. Those are some of the reasons we have received many unsolicited testimonials from family practitioners, specialists and many of our patients.

Our referral relationships are important and we are dedicated to improving our patients’ health as quickly and efficiently as possible. We encourage any feedback/requests about how we can improve our services to our clients.



elderly gentleman sitting on an exercise ball lifting hand weights under the direction of a female physiotherapist

Physiotherapy for Arthritis Management

Physiotherapy can play an important role in helping you manage your arthritis. Through exercises, massage, manual therapy and other treatments & techniques, physiotherapy we help reduce pain, improve your strength, mobility and flexibility.

male physiotherapist doing manual therapy on a patients back

Back Pain Treatment

Back injuries are often traumatic and can hamper your life in a multitude of ways. We will design a customized treatment program to help you  avoid re-injury, strengthen unused back muscles, and become confident and strong again.

physiotherapist helping a female patient with neck pain

Neck Pain Treatment

Ask us about our state of the art Multi-Cervical Unit and advances in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic neck pain. We will develop a treatment plan to address your individual needs.

Acupuncture needlens being inserted in a patient

IMS - Instramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular Stimulation is a technique used to release or lengthen muscles that are causing chronic musculoskeletal or neuropathic pain. Very fine needles are inserted directly into the muscle to stimulate healing.

physiotherapist taping a child's knee during a treatment session

Sport and Orthopedic Injuries

We treat patients dealing with a variety of orthopedic and sports injuries, including pre- and post-surgical physical therapy. If you are facing any of these issues, we can help restore your function and mobility, along with reducing your pain levels.

male physiotherapist assisting an elderly gentleman with weight trainging during an osteoporosis management session

Osteoporosis Management

Ask us about a customized exercise program designed to maximize bone density through weight-bearing exercises (as appropriate), improve joint mobility and flexibility of the tissues, improve muscular strength and balance.


We offer direct billing to most 3rd party insurers.
To find out if we cover your Health Insurance Company please call the clinic.

Feel Better. Move Better. Be Better.

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Thanks from Advanced Physiotherapy

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