Every physiotherapist undergoes some training that is intended to provide the basic knowledge needed to assess and treat common conditions, including arthritis. When physiotherapists begin their careers most take educational courses and undergo training focusing on an area of personal interest.

IMG5609.jpgPhysiotherapists keep current in their area of interest because treatment is constantly evolving as a result of research. It is impossible to keep current or develop expertise in every area of physiotherapy practice so it is best to seek out a physical therapist with expertise in your condition.

Patrick Embley, the owner of Advanced Physiotherapy in White Rock worked at Mary Pack for more than 13 years prior to opening Advanced Physiotherapy in White Rock. The Mary Pack Arthritis Centre in Vancouver has a number of therapists with specific arthritis training and expertise and is an excellent resource.

If you have an arthritis condition, you should see a therapist with arthritis expertise. Patrick has a significant amount of expertise in the physiotherapy treatment of patients with arthritis conditions. Patrick continues to work directly with rheumatologists (arthritis specialist physicians) developing new models of care delivery. He is also involved in teaching at the University of British Columbia as a guest lecturer on aspects of arthritis assessment and treatments for the physiotherapy program. As a clinician, Patrick also is involved with professional education courses at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre and clinical teaching and practicum supervision for physiotherapy students interested in the field of arthritis.

Advanced Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy arthritis treatment to clients from White Rock, Surrey BC and Greater Vancouver. Contact us today to see how physiotherapy treatment can help with your arthritis.

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