Advanced Physiotherapy utilizes The Multi Cervical Unit

A state of the art therapy for chronic neck pain

The BTE Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) is the most effective and complete system for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic neck pain.  Advanced Physitotherapy is pleased to offer MCU treatment for patients suffering from chronic neck pain and serves clients from Surrey, BC and Greater Vancouver.

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  • Research has shown the MCU to be successful in reducing pain for people with generalized neck pain, whiplash associated disorders (WAD) , cervical disc disease, neck strains, repetitive work related injuries, arthritis and tension headaches.
  • The MCU is an evidence based tool which objectively evaluates cervical active range of motion (ROM) and isometric strength in multiple different positions.
  • These measurements are used to create an individualized dynamic strength program that is performed on the machine under guidance by a Kinesiologist and a Physiotherapist.
  • At Advanced Physiotherapy we recommend a combination of manual therapy and supervised exercise therapy, as studies show this method to be more effective than manual therapy or exercise therapy alone.

Benefits of MCU Treatment Include:


  • Improved neck strength
  • Increased range of motion and neck mobility
  • Decreased neck pain
  • Increased functional ability
  • Long term strength and health gains
  • Improved quality of life

Chronic Neck Pain – There is Reason for Hope

Research done at the Melbourne Whiplash Centre by Dr. Robert Denardis shows that more than 75% of chronic neck pain suffers will have significant pain relief by strengthening their muscles with the Multi-Cervical Unit. A study at La Trobe University noted patients made significant improvements in their neck range of motion and strength. Clinical studies done by Denardis have also shown that after MCU therapy, people with neck pain reported their symptoms improved by over 60%.

IMG5761.jpgMulti-Cervical Unit Exercise Compared to Thera-Band Exercise

Research has shown that strength gains with the MCU are nearly 50% greater than those achieved with Thera-band (resistance bands). The study notes the MCU machine limits the movement to one plane therefore minimizing shear forces on the neck and retraining cervical stabilization. While Thera-band can be an effective low-cost alternative to the MCU, it is evident the MCU produces superior strength gains.

MCU Provides Effective Treatment for People Suffering From:

  • Chronic neck pain
  • Whiplash associated disorders
  • Cervical disc conditions
  • Sports related neck injuries
  • Repetitive work related injuries
  • Tension headaches
  • Arthritis
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