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Your spine is an inherently unstable area. Your deep core muscles are the main structures that support, control and move your lower spine and pelvis. When you suffer from back pain, we know your deep core stability muscles are not working properly, leaving you vulnerable to further injury and persisting chronic pain.

From improving athletic performance to preventing injuries and alleviating low back pain, core stability or core strengthening is key.
Depending on your individual needs and systems our physiotherapists will design a treatment plan to improve your core strength and ultimately promote the following benefits:


  • Reduced pain

  • Improved posture

  • Greater movement control

  • Improved muscle efficiency

  • Reduced strain on your lower back

  • Reduced muscle imbalance

  • Increased stability of your spine and pelvis

  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility

  • Improved balance and coordination

Ready to get started?

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