PHYSIOTHERAPY back pain treatment

At Advanced Physiotherapy, we take a holistic and comprehensive look at the potential causes of back pain and the variety of options for healing, strengthening, and avoiding future back pain. Our back pain physiotherapy specialists are experienced in working with patients who’ve experienced back pain for many reasons. If you have back pain related to an injury or you experience chronic or intermittent back pain, physiotherapy will provide exercises and information which can help you to heal and recover.

Chronic Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatments

Many of our patients have suffered with back pain for a long time and have finally decided to do something about it. Often going to the doctor yields little or no help. You can take medication to deal with day to day symptoms, but that doesn’t get to and resolve the root problem causing the pain.

IMG5638.jpgAdvanced Physiotherapy patients are given a complete analysis of the ways their back pain may be caused by everyday life, including:

  • work related back pain,
  • pain due to sleep problems,
  • old injuries,
  • weakness,
  • and anything else that may be contributing to the continuing pain.

We will then offer specific, tailored strengthening exercises and guide you through the process of reversing pain in order to move towards a pain free life. The first step is discovering what may be causing the pain. The next step will be creating the change you need.

Injury Recovery

Back injuries are often traumatic and can hamper your life in a multitude of ways. Unfortunately, this often leads to re-injury and stress to the injury, keeping the back from healing properly and completely. Working with an Advanced Physiotherapy physiotherapist will help you to avoid re-injury, strengthen unused back muscles, and become confident and strong again.

Talk to our trained back pain physiotherapist today to learn about the treatments that can help you to recover from, reduce, and be free of back pain.

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