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#WeCAN - World Cup Fever and Physiotherapy

As the world turns its eyes to the soccer pitches in Qatar, enthusiastically cheering on their national soccer teams, we find ourselves watching the coverage through the eyes of a physiotherapist. Elite athletes, although highly skilled, are still vulnerable to the same sport injuries weekend warriors here in White Rock are susceptible to. Common soccer injuries, (should we say football) players experience usually involve the ankle and knee joints, and the muscles and ligaments of the thigh and calf. These types of injuries, although not life-threatening, may lead to long term issues if they are not properly rehabilitated. For example a knee injury left untreated in someone twenty years of age, could mean knee replacement surgery later in life.

two soccer balls.on green turf.  One ball with the colours of Belgium and one with the colours of Canada with a vs sign between the balls

As with the therapists working with our talented and passionate National Soccer Team, the physios here at Advanced Physiotherapy, work together with you to help achieve your goals. Whether you are striving to prevent injury and prepare for your upcoming competitive season, returning to a sport or simply wanting to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle our team is here to help.

From injury prevention, treating acute injuries, supporting post surgical recovery and designing return to play rehabilitation programs, our team is committed to providing professional, evidence-based physical therapy treatments. We are passionate about our work, your health and our Canadian men’s and women’s soccer teams!


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