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The One Golf Trick Every Golfer Should Know

Ready to up your golf game? Last year Canadians played 67.3 million rounds of golf. That’s a lot of swinging, and dare we say a few bogeys. Although golf is considered a low impact sport, it is quite common for golfers to develop a variety of injuries affecting backs, elbows, wrists, hands and shoulders. Usually golf-related injuries are a result of poor mechanics or overuse. While your local pro is your best source to address technique issues, our physiotherapy team can help you improve strength, flexibility and mobility. It's true, a visit to your physiotherapist is the one golf trick you should add to your bag!

Targeting the mobility, stability and strength of the joints and muscles in your trunk, hips and shoulders are essential to improving your golf swing. Don’t be misled by scenic par threes and water features, golf requires strength, flexibility, power, endurance and athletic ability.

Improving your core strength will help reduce strain on your lower back, increase stability in your spine and pelvis, improve your balance and coordination and increase your muscle strength and flexibility. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be playing par golf, we can design a treatment plan specifically for you to give you the best chance at that elusive hole in one!

Take a mulligan and book your physiotherapy consultation today at Advanced Physiotherapy in White Rock.



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