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Snow Shovelling – What’s the Scoop?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Tis the season for a threat of snow on Oxford Hill. Although we don’t often deal with bountiful amounts of the white stuff In White Rock, every winter our Advanced Physiotherapy team treats clients who have sustained injuries related to shovelling snow. Ailments such as pulled and strained muscles from repetitive twisting and poor lifting technique are common.

Father and daughter shovelling snow

It’s important to recognize that shovelling is strenuous and can put stress on both your heart and body. In fact, snow shovelling has a similar intensity to running, tennis and other aerobic sporting activities. Like all strenuous sports, injury prevention is key and this is best done by improving your overall level of fitness and strength.

Here are a few tips for safe snow clearing to consider before you grab that shovel:

  • Check with your doctor, especially if you have been sedentary

  • Choose a shovel that fits you

  • Dress for the weather. Layer up and remember to wear proper footwear to prevent falls

  • Warm-up your muscles

  • Focus on your technique

  • Pace Yourself

  • Listen to your body and take frequent breaks

  • Have fun!

With any sign of cardiac distress, seek emergency medical aid immediately. And despite all precautions, should you experience back or shoulder pain, our physiotherapists are here to help.

Let it Snow!


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