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Return to Play - How Physiotherapy Helps You Get Back in the Game

From weekend warriors to professional athletes, the most common question we hear after a client has suffered a sports injury is, “when can I play again?”

swimmer, cyclist and a runner participating in an Advanced Physiotherapy return to play rehab program
Advanced Physiotherapy will get you back in the game.

Return to play refers to the point in injury recovery when an athlete is able to return to their preferred activity at a pre-injury performance level. Naturally, the severity of the injury, and the fitness level and motivation of the athlete will determine the length of a rehabilitation training program. Additionally, careful consideration must be given to injury prevention. Simply stated returning to sport should be viewed as a recovery and rehabilitation continuum.

Generally, return to play goals include:

  • Achieving a normal range of motion

  • Decreasing acute pain

  • Decreasing swelling

  • Increasing strength of the affected area

  • Improving balance and coordination

  • Assessing the functional requirements of the sport being played and the functional capabilities of the athlete

  • Focusing on sport specific strength, conditioning and skill

  • Mentally preparing

Injuries can be overwhelming, frustrating and downright annoying. However, we are confident our Advanced Physiotherapy team will create a customized rehab plan and program designed to get you back in the game in no time!


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