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A Wee Problem - Physiotherapy and Your Pelvic Floor

Did you know one of two women will experience pelvic floor symptoms during their lifetime? And incontinence isn’t only a women’s health concern. Many men experience incontinence issues after surgery for prostate removal or treatment for an enlarged prostate. Although urinary incontinence is common, it should not be considered normal. Fortunately, physiotherapy can help.

woman working with a physiotherapist to improve her pelvic health
Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health

The goal of pelvic floor physiotherapy is to improve your pelvic floor function through prescribed exercise, lifestyle changes, education and hands on treatment designed to decrease and potentially eliminate your symptoms.

Based on a comprehensive assessment, your physiotherapy treatment plan may include a combination of approaches including:

  • kegel and progressive strengthening exercises

  • stretching

  • manual therapy

  • bladder or bowel retraining

  • electrical muscle stimulation

  • biofeedback

  • behavioural techniques

  • and education

Interested in learning more about pelvic floor health? Visit Be Pelvic Health Aware for terrific tips on how to keep your pelvic floor healthy.

Ready to take back your life and restore your pelvic health?


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