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Living Well With Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you understand how challenging it can be to cope with the pain and stiffness that affects your joints. But did you know that physiotherapy can offer you pain relief and improve your quality of life?

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Physiotherapy is an excellent treatment option for arthritis patients to manage symptoms, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach to pain management and relief. However, physical therapy may help you get moving safely and effectively.

Goals for patients suffering from arthritis:

  • Improving mobility

  • Restoring the use of affected joints

  • Increasing strength to support joints

  • Maintaining fitness

  • Supporting your ability to perform daily activities and tasks

Benefits of physiotherapy for arthritis:

  • Our physiotherapists will teach you specific exercises and techniques that may reduce your pain and increase your range of motion. You will also learn how to protect your joints and avoid injuries.

  • We can help you create an at-home workout routine that suits your needs and goals. You will improve your fitness, endurance, balance, and coordination with a graded exercise program that starts gently and gradually increases in intensity.

  • We can offer you advice and reassurance on how to stay active and independent. You can also learn about other treatments that will help you cope with pain, such as heat or ice packs, massage, or acupuncture.

  • We can also recommend a variety of assistive devices or splints that can help you maintain your mobility and function. You may also benefit from aquatic therapy, which involves exercising in a warm-water pool.

Physiotherapy is an important part of arthritis treatment that can help you resume or maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Our team at Advanced Physiotherapy will work with you and your healthcare team to create an individualized treatment plan. Our aim is to improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance and to assist you with pain management and pain relief.

Ready to start living well with arthritis?


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