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Happy Hips

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Are you experiencing hip pain? Remember, pain is often a warning sign and our best advice is to listen to your body. After all, healthy hips are critical for almost everything we do including sitting, standing, walking, running, and bending. This incredible ball and socket joint allows motion and provides the stability needed to bear weight. In fact, it is one of the most stable joints in the body. Unfortunately, hip pain usually interferes with everyday activities leading to inactivity which almost always leads to a lack of mobility. A vicious circle indeed.

woman holding her hip with Advanced Physiotherapy logo in the background
Hip Hip Hooray - Physiotherapy Can Help Hip Pain

Fortunately, physiotherapy can help improve both your hip health and mobility and may help ease those painful symptoms. Ultimately, our goal is to first determine the cause of your pain. From overuse injuries to arthritis, hip pain can originate from many sources. It is important to visit a specialist, like our team at Advanced Physiotherapy, for a proper joint pain assessment before embarking on an exercise or therapy program. The sooner a proper diagnosis is made, the sooner we can create your individualized treatment and rehabilitation plan.

If you suffer from either acute or chronic hip pain, or have had a recent injury call us today at 604-541-9245 to book an appointment. Learn how our physiotherapists can help you get moving and stay moving.


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