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Pre-Operative Physiotherapy - It’s like depositing money to your bank

Facing surgery? Worried about post-operative recovery time? Did you know taking advantage of pre-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation can be one of the best decisions you can make? Think of it as depositing money in your fitness/mobility bank.

What is Pre-Operative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation?

Simply put, pre-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation is an exercise-based physiotherapy program designed to improve surgical outcomes, strengthen body and mind and reduce your post-operative recovery time.

Benefits of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

  • Improves your body’s response to pain and inflammation.

  • Restores range of motion.

  • Improves muscular control of the injured joint.

  • Learn beforehand how to move in a safe manner during the recovery period.

  • Normalizes movement patterns before surgery.

  • Improves well-being and increases fitness level.

  • Increases mental and physical stamina.

  • Promotes shorter hospital stays and recovery times.

  • Helps reduce complications associated with surgery.

A "prehabilitation" program typically includes balance activities, stretching and strengthening techniques, endurance exercises, proprioceptive training, and flexibility exercises. Rest assured our physiotherapists will design a recovery program to fit your unique needs, fitness level and mobility goals.

Are you ready to make a deposit? Book your appointment at Advanced Physiotherapy in White Rock today.


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