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Benefits of Pre and Post-Operative Physiotherapy

If you are scheduled to undergo a total knee or hip replacement surgery, you may be wondering how you can prepare yourself for a successful recovery. One of the best ways to do that is to engage in pre and post-operative physiotherapy, also known as prehab or pre-habilitation and rehab.

Pre-operative physiotherapy is an exercise and therapy program that we recommend you begin at least six weeks before your surgery. The goal of pre-operative physiotherapy is to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and range of motion in the affected joint and the surrounding muscles. This can help you stabilize your pain levels, reduce the risk of falls, lose weight, and become familiar with the exercises that you will perform after your surgery.

patient at Advanced Physiotherapy working on post-operative exercises for knee replacement surgery

Post-operative physiotherapy is an exercise and therapy program that you start as soon as possible after your surgery. The goal of post-operative physiotherapy is to restore function, mobility, and quality of life in the affected joint and the surrounding muscles. This can help you prevent complications, such as infection, blood clots, stiffness, and scar tissue formation. It can also help you achieve your personal goals, such as returning to work, sports, or hobbies.

The benefits of pre and post-operative physiotherapy are supported by scientific evidence. Studies show that patients who participate in pre and post operative physiotherapy have better outcomes than those who do not. For example, they may need less inpatient rehabilitation, have shorter hospital stays, have less pain and swelling, have improved joint movement and stability, and have higher satisfaction with their surgery.

In consultation with your surgeon our physiotherapists will assess your condition, prescribe a customized exercise program, and monitor your progress. Our physiotherapists will also provide you with education, expert advice, and continuous support throughout your recovery journey.

Pre and post operative physiotherapy can make a big difference in your recovery from knee or hip replacement surgery. By following an individualized prehab and rehab program, you can optimize your physical and mental health before and after your surgery. You’ll be able to discharge from hospital with increased confidence knowing that we’ve prepared your body for what lies ahead. You can also enjoy a faster and smoother return to your normal activities and lifestyle.

Book an appointment at Advanced Physiotherapy in White Rock / South Surrey for your assessment and we’ll get started on designing your individualized program.


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