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Benefits of Physiotherapy for Sports and Orthopedic Injuries

Have you suffered a sport or orthopedic injury? Did you know you can increase your chance for a full and quick recovery by seeing a physiotherapist? How can physio help you get back in the game?

Builds Up Weak and Inflexible Muscles

Weak and inflexible muscles contribute to injuries and make it difficult for people to heal properly. Physiotherapists work to isolate weak and inflexible muscles and then develop exercise programs designed to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. This does three things:

  • First, it will help you recover from your current injury faster.

  • Second, it will help you prevent injuries down the road.

  • Third, it will make you stronger and more agile, which can actually help you improve your athletic performance.

Pain Relief

Some sports and orthopedic injuries cause intense pain for a short period of time, while others cause pain for the long term. Fortunately, physiotherapists help alleviate pain so patients do not have to remain on pain medication. Physiotherapists use active and passive therapy as a way to treat pain.

When using passive therapy, a physiotherapist may use heat, ice, an ultrasound, or a TENS unit. Active therapy includes low impact exercise, strengthening exercise, and stretching. Our physiotherapists will evaluate your situation to determine which method of pain relief best suits you and your injury.

Possible Alternative to Surgery

Surgery is expensive and risky. Depending on the presenting condition, people are discovering that they can avoid the expenses and risks by going to a physiotherapist instead of going under the knife. According to a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, physiotherapy is as effective as surgery for a number of people who have arthritis of the knee and meniscal tears.

No one wants to deal with an injury, but if you find yourself in that unfortunate position, please call the White Rock Advanced Physiotherapy clinic. Our physiotherapists are ready to answer your questions and offer help.


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