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You Are Never Too Young to Stay Fit

Most of us know we should be physically active. After all, keeping healthy is more than just eating right. Your lifestyle speaks volumes about how serious you are when it comes to your health. Staying active isn't just about looking better, it is about living better.

You can keep fit at any age, and you can start now. Once you develop strong fitness habits, you'll have them for life. Here are a few fitness and activity guidelines for consideration:

Children up to age 10.

Kids are natural exercisers. They love to run and romp, jump, and swim. We could learn alot from the younger set. Children naturally gravitate to physical activities, and the older they get the more time they spend doing active sports, the better. Activity habits established during the early years will last a lifetime.

Young Adults up to age 30.

The age of invincibility! You feel as if you could exercise forever. Weight-bearing and flexibility workouts are great, as well as biking, swimming, or walking. This is the time of life to try new and varied sports and a wide variety of exercise regimes to discover what suits you and your lifestyle.

Adults to age 60.

Keep moving and keep your heart pumping! Consider a variety of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activities and remember to add in muscle and bone strengthening exercises. Regular activity can help adults improve fitness, strengthen muscle and bones, improve mental health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Adults age 60+.

Older adults are encouraged to continue to participate in a wide variety of physical activities that are fun, safe and get their bodies moving and hearts pumping. Swimming is a terrific aerobic exercise that everyone can do. Pilates training and gentle yoga classes are also ideal for flexibility and strength training.

Wondering about your fitness level and exercises that are best suited for you? Contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. We will work with you to design an individualized program.


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