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Benefits of Physiotherapy - Pre and Post Surgery

At Advanced Physiotherapy, we treat patients before and after orthopedic surgeries such as hip and knee joint replacement, arthroscopy or repair of broken bones. The purpose of pre-and post-operative rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery utilizing the best possible treatment and physical therapy programs. We will maintain close communication with your physician to fully understand the scope of your needs.

physiotherapy exercise for patient recovering from knee surgery

During your pre-op visit, we will explain what the postoperative exercises will entail. Exercising as soon as possible after surgery ensures joint mobility and enhances strengthening. Postoperative care should begin as soon as you return home.

Types of care we offer include:

  • Range of motion exercises to keep joints mobile

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Movements in & out of bed & onto different types of chairs

  • Gait training, including stairs & curbs

  • Self-care techniques for bathing, dressing & more

  • Community access, including learning how to negotiate elevators

  • Getting in & out of cars

  • Home exercise program

Our goal is to help you recover as much of your preoperative capabilities as possible. We tailor recovery programs to fit your unique abilities and needs.

Physiotherapy for Joint Replacement

After a joint replacement surgery, regaining strength and recovering mobility will be your primary goals. We will help you to attain those goals with tailored flexibility and strengthening exercises. While rest is one key to recuperation, it’s also important that you start to use your new joint in healthy ways. Whether you are looking forward to walking pain-free with a new knee or hip, learning is going to be part of the process. Pre- and post-surgical physiotherapy will help you to recover and become strong again after a joint replacement.

Initial physiotherapy after a joint replacement surgery will simply help you to gauge what you’re capable of. We will help you to re-learn basic skills as you test your post-operative pain levels and determine what you will be able to do on your own.

Healthy Strengthening

As you recover, you will experience less pain and will be tempted to use your new joint as you would a healthy limb. But often this is a danger zone for patients with joint replacements because it’s easy to get overly confident in the beginning. You’ll no longer feel the pre-joint replacement pain, which will be a relief. It will also be exciting and tempting to get moving again.

When you work with a physiotherapist, you’ll start at a healthy and safe pace to avoid injury or pain associated with over-use. You’ll learn how to do daily tasks with strength and flexibility, giving you a new lease on life.

After a joint replacement surgery, you must start slowly but consistently to strengthen your body again. At Advanced Physiotherapy, we’ll make sure you’re getting the help and support that you need.

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