What's Involved with Post-Surgery Rehabilitation of Hips?

October 4th, 2019 | in Physiotherapy for Surgery

It is very likely that at some point in your life, you or someone you know will suffer from hip pain. Often, hip pain treatment requires surgery. In some cases, this may be arthroscopic surgery, and in many cases, this may be a full hip replacement. Returning to normal function after any surgery will require rehabilitation. Here is what is involved with post-surgery rehabilitation with a White Rock physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist Goal

The goal of post-surgery rehabilitation for hips is to improve overall mobility function and manage possible pain. Function is affected by a combination of hip range of motion, and strength. A physiotherapist will look to address both of these areas with specific, targeted exercises.

Initial Visit

During an initial visit, your physiotherapist will do an initial evaluation. This is useful to help determine your current pain level, and function. Often measurements of your current flexibility and strength are taken, and an interview conducted to determine pain and medical history.

Treatment Plan

After your first visit, your physiotherapist will create a plan that addresses the needs of your hip. This plan will focus on short comings that are discovered through the initial evaluation. During this treatment plan, your physiotherapist will assist and walk you through exercises during subsequent visits that address strength and range of motion. There will also be prescribed exercises that will need to be worked on at home. Active participation is vital for quick and effective healing, so make sure you work with your physiotherapist as best you can.

Hip surgeries are a very common occurrence and an effective way of helping individuals to regain mobility and control. The end of the surgery is just the start of the journey to recovery, and active post-surgery rehabilitation with a physiotherapist is very important.

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