What is Post-Surgical Physiotherapy?

July 6th, 2018 | in Physiotherapy for Surgery

Post-surgical physiotherapy is a therapeutic rehabilitation program that a patient is scheduled to follow after they have had a surgery. Usually the program is developed and charted individually for the patient specific to their needs in order to give them the opportunity to recover from their surgery most effectively.

Why Physio after Surgery?

Physiotherapy is extremely important after a surgical procedure. After a surgery, a patient’s joints tend to stiffen and often there is muscle wastage due to disuse of the area. Pain or swelling in the region often negatively effects the patient.

Physiotherapy following a surgery will no only retrain the area to strengthen and stabilize it, but will also help to control inflammation, restoring range of motion to the area, and aiding in the process back to full recovery.

What Surgeries Require Physio?

While most surgeries can benefit greatly from a post-op physio regimen, these are some of the surgeries that should always be followed up with physiotherapy to ensure proper recovery.

  • Fracture
    When a joint is immobilized in a splint or cast, the joint will be extremely stiff when the cast or splint is removed. Muscle wastage may also be present. Exercises and manual therapy may be needed to restore range of motion.
  • Joint Replacement
    In many cases, physiotherapy may be required both before and after a joint replacement surgery. An exercise program built by your therapist will ensure appropriate strength to the area prior to the surgery, which will make the post-surgical process easier.
  • Ligament Repair
    A ligament repair surgery is usually swollen and stiff immediately following the surgery. Physiotherapy will help to reduce swelling and increase flexibility. Once early healing has occurred, exercises will gradually increase in difficulty to regain strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Joint Surgery
    Physiotherapy following surgery to a joint will provide ease of pain, and help to increase strength and stability. Surrounding muscles will need to be balanced and strengthened to regain full, pain-free movement of the joint.

Physiotherapy following a surgery is often medically required by your surgical team. In order to restore range of motion, reduce pain and swelling, and permit proper healing your physiotherapist will build a specific therapy regimen for you after your surgery.

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