Types and Benefits of Pre and Post Surgical Therapy

February 21st, 2018 | in Physiotherapy for Surgery

There is strong evidence to support that regular exercise has positive results on rehabilitation after surgery. It has been well known that inspiratory muscle training done prior to a surgery reduces the risk of anaesthetic complications as well as reducing post-op complications.

Benefits of Exercise before Surgery

Studies have shown that preoperative exercise therapy is greatly effective for reducing both postoperative complication rates and length of hospital stay, as well as improving physical function, better mental health and self-perceived state of health.

Benefits of Exercise after Surgery

Exercise after a surgery has been shown to have very clear benefits on many types of surgery, including spinal surgeries, knee and hip replacements, colorectal surgeries, and breast surgeries. In many of these surgeries, patients saw improved mobility, earlier discharge from hospital, increased cardiovascular fitness, fewer side-effects, and reduced risk of blood clots.

In some cases, certain activities should be avoided after a surgery. This includes high impact exercise such as running, tennis, or competitive and contact sports. High impact exercises may increase pain levels after surgery, as well as increase risk of injury.

For postop patients, exercises for the first few weeks will be recommended by the surgical team and will be specific to the type of surgery. From approximately week 8 post-op and moving forward, general exercise is usually applicable – within the limits of the specific surgery, and still not including any high impact or contact sports.

Studies have shown that exercise both before and after a major surgery can help the patient to cope better with surgery, to heal more quickly, and to get back to themselves at a faster pace. It is important to always follow the directions of your surgical team, as the amount and type of exercise will vary greatly depending on the nature of the surgery.

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