Recent Advances in Physiotherapy Treatment

March 13th, 2019 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

Recent Advances in Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy has been a proven treatment for neck pain, arthritis and other issues for years. Treatment plans are always catered to each patient and their specific needs. Recent advances in physiotherapy treatment have allowed for many new and exciting treatment options.

MRI and other Imaging Technology

Magnetic Resonance imaging improvements have allowed for a clearer picture of injuries and what is causing pain and symptoms for in patients. Before the use of MRI and other imaging techniques, physiotherapists were unable to get a clear picture of what the injury is. Now, with the use of these technologies, treatment plans can be made that focus entirely on the problem at hand.

BTE Multi Cervical Unit

Physiotherapists have seen outstanding results using an MCU as a diagnostic and treatment tool. The MCU tool, available at Advanced Physiotherapy in White Rock, objectively measures neck muscle strength to help identify which muscles may need additional treatments. Using an MCU in neck strength treatment has been referred to as the “missing link” in establishing neck function for its ability to provide extreme detail in assessing the range of motion and strength of the neck.

New Rehabilitation Methods

Increased research has led to a better understanding of human biomechanics and pathologies affecting various joints. This information allows for new and modern rehabilitation methods that are specific for the targeted area, and better able to return full function.

Mechanical Traction

For patients suffering from spine problems, spinal decompression has been a physiotherapy treatment for years. Modern clinics like White Rock Physio use advanced physiotherapy treatments like mechanical traction. Mechanical traction is better able to stretch the spine when compared to manual traction. This allows for pressure to be taken off of compressed disc, leading to a straighter spine and helping the body to heal.

Laser Therapy

Advances in lasers have also led to their application in physiotherapy. Although this treatment has been used since the 80s, more recent advancements have led to improvements in the effectiveness of this therapy. Physiotherapists are able to use lasers to penetrate soft tissue, aiding in pain relief, reduced inflammation, and increased blood flow, all helping to stimulate healing and tissue growth.

This is just a small sampling of some of the many advancements that physiotherapy treatment has made. If you are suffering from pain or injury, now is the time to visit a physiotherapist in White Rock for an assessment, and begin the healing process.


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