Physio for Seniors - Considerations

June 27th, 2018 | in Physiotherapy for Seniors

For a physiotherapist, working with seniors can provide a new set of challenges that are not often seen in other areas of practice. Each and every case can be a mix of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular, and other problems, sometimes all at once. Because of this, a physiotherapist who specializes in working with the elderly are highly sought after.

Physiotherapy for Seniors

Physiotherapy for seniors focuses on evaluating, restoring, and maintaining optimal physical function using a vast range of treatments. A physiotherapist has a detailed understanding of the body’s inner workings, and through specialized education and clinical skills they can assess and improve a senior’s movement and function – as well as identify underlying causes of pain and provide treatment.

Treatments for Seniors

When seeking physiotherapy treatment, a senior may go through any number of the following treatments:

  • Exercise Programs. This will help improve range of motion, strength, balance, and functional abilities as well as helping with pain.
  • Walking/Gait Aids. These can include canes, walkers, and other mobility devices to ensure that the patient has the maximum mobility possible.
  • Fall prevention. A physiotherapist can help seniors to avoid falls and prevent injury.

During visits to the physiotherapist, the patient will be assessed for history, pain, movement, balance, and strength. The assessment will gather necessary information to determine a diagnosis and considerations for the patient. From there, the physiotherapist will work with the patient to come up with a suitable treatment plan to move forward with.

For a senior citizen, a great physiotherapist can make a world of difference. Armed with knowledge of the body and how it works, a physiotherapist can come up with a treatment program to help a senior citizen become more mobile, have less pain, and provide necessary gait aids.


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