Orthopedic Injury Therapy

July 26th, 2017 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

Orthopedic injury and the loss of freedom of movement that comes with it can be incredibly challenging, especially for someone who is used to being able to be active in their day-to-day life. A physiotherapist can provide expert care and support for you to rebuild the strength to return to your life.

A physiotherapist will provide a therapeutic plan for rehabilitation that includes physical and occupational therapies, minimally invasive procedures, and pediatric services. The approach should go beyond simply addressing pain, and the main goal should be to enable to the patient to return to an active and competitive lifestyle. Treatment will center around the patient’s goals and the therapists assessments of any impairments or functional limitations, and how they can impact daily activities.

Treatment will include a series of conditioning programs targeted around the injured area with a number of goals in mind. These goals will include: improving and restoring range of motion and strength, correcting muscle imbalances, reducing pain and swelling, improving core stability and balance, correcting alignment and posture, and correcting any improper training techniques currently being used.

In the case where surgery was necessary for the orthopedic injury, a physiotherapist can help to reduce contractures, improve range of motion and strength, and get the patient back to their life as quickly as physically able. By developing a specific program of exercises and techniques, a physiotherapy program can help prevent post-op complications, and enhance post-op recovery.

An orthopedic injury can cause serious loss of freedom and movement which can be incredibly challenging. Because of this, many patients are restless to get back to their regular lives as quickly as possible. Through a strict rehab program, your physiotherapist can have you back to your regular actives as quickly as is safely possible, while ensuring proper conditioning and rehabilitation to allow the body to heal properly from the injury.

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