How Physiotherapy Can Help With Repetitive Strain Sports Injuries

October 28th, 2019 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

Participation in sports can bring about many physical health and emotional benefits, but can also take a toll on your body. Many sports that are commonly played in Surrey, such as tennis, pickleball, badminton and others, involve repetitive movements. When these movements are repeated over and over, both the muscle and nerves being used can become strained, leading to pain and injury. This is commonly referred to as repetitive strain injury.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury can have a wide range of symptoms, from mild to more severe. This can include pain, numbness, tightness and constant aching. As continued stress is put onto the injured muscle through continued repetitive use, these symptoms can continue to develop and become worse. Many people are not willing to give up their favorite sport or activity, so it becomes important to find an effective treatment method.

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists can provide effective treatment for repetitive strain sports injuries. When first visiting a physiotherapist, you will be properly assessed, and the cause of the injury will be determined. From this, your physiotherapist is able to create a program that focuses on relieving symptoms. This is often done through a combination of strength and stretching exercises that specifically target affected muscle and nerves. Through these exercises, you should find a reduction in pain, an increase in strength in the associated muscle, and a long-term solution to being able to continue with your sport while staying pain free.

If you are experiencing pain while participating in your favorite sport, you may benefit from seeking out professional help. A physiotherapist will be able to help you to get back to playing pain free.

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