How is MCU Used to Treat Whiplash Injury?

August 27th, 2019 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

Whiplash is a common calamity, affecting a significant number of people each year. Although common, whiplash can be very debilitating and can lead to to chronic headaches, neck and back pain, and other unwanted symptoms. Physiotherapists have worked with whiplash patients for decades, and one popular tool used in treating whiplash is MCU therapy.

What is MCU Therapy?

MCU, or Multi-Cervical Unit, is an effective assessment system for whiplash and the accompanying neck pain and migraines. The MCU is a sophisticated device that does a comprehensive analysis of any neck injuries, giving precise strength and mobility assessments based on readings.

Why is This Important?

The more information a physiotherapist has, the more effective the treatment plan is. By collecting personalized and accurate information about the area surrounding and affecting the injury, a physiotherapist is able to cater the treatment plan so it focuses precisely on areas of concern, making each visit and each day of recovery as efficient as possible.

MCU therapy also allows for monitoring of progress. As treatment progresses, a physiotherapist can conduct subsequent tests which will provide visual reports of progress which can be used to measure results. This information is not only motivating for patients, but is also important for physiotherapists, as adjustments to the program can be consistently made based on the assessments.

MCU therapy provides a level of personalized whiplash care that is more effective than conventional treatment. With this in mind, when looking for a physiotherapist near you for whiplash treatment, make sure that it is a physiotherapist who is familiar with MCU therapy.

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