How is MCU Used for Whiplash?

July 30th, 2019 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

One tested and proven whiplash treatment is MCU, or Multi Cervical Unit. These systems are a valuable tool for helping physiotherapists treat neck pain and whiplash. We will be looking at what a MCU is, and how it is used to treat whiplash.

What is Whiplash?

It is first important to understand what exactly whiplash is. Whiplash is caused when there is a sudden acceleration and deceleration force, that can cause a rapid and forceful forward then backward movement of the head and neck. Whiplash can cause pain and discomfort that often results in decreased neck range of motion and strength loss in the neck muscles. Decreased strength or relative muscle strength imbalances often is an ongoing, long term lingering effect from whiplash injuries and can be diminished with appropriate strength and flexibility of the neck muscles. Whiplash is most common from car accidents, but can be caused by other forceful impacts, such as sports hits. Whiplash can cause pain and discomfort, which can linger for a long time if not treated. This is due to the stretching and strain that the sudden movement will put on the neck muscles and tendons.

What is an MCU?

The Multi Cervical Unit is a complex computer that works by analyzing a patient’s range of motion and muscle strength. The MCU is able to watch for any weakness and areas of deficiencies in these domains. Once a thorough analysis has been finished, the MCU can create a treatment plan that will work to address the problem areas. Combined with the expertise of a physiotherapist, the whiplash sufferer can begin a personalized and effective treatment, that is targeted right at the problem areas.

As with any soft tissue injury, proper rehabilitation and treatment is essential to stimulate healing and return strength and range of motion. Thankfully, technology like MCU treatment in Surrey allows for specific and efficient treatment for any whiplash injury.

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