Common Cycling Injuries Helped by Physiotherapy

October 18th, 2018 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

Exercising regularly by cycling can bring great health benefits to those of all ages. Whether riding for fun or for competition, bicycling is a great way to get healthy. For those that ride frequently, some common injuries are seen frequently by physiotherapists. These injuries generally fit into one of two categories: traumatic injuries and overuse injuries.

Traumatic Cycling Injuries

Cycling injuries that are traumatic are often caused by falls and crashes. Bicycling is generally considered to be a safe sport, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings and always wear a helmet.

Overuse Cycling Injuries

Injuries caused by overuse when cycling typically include knee pain, back pain, and issues with the Achilles tendon. Because cycling is a highly repetitive sport, any small issue can become a large issue over time without proper prevention.

Common Cycling Injuries Helped by Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists commonly treat injuries and pains from cycling. Some of the most common cycling injuries include:

  • Fractured collarbone – usually caused by a hard fall off the bike;
  • Fractured scaphoid – caused by the rider stretching their hand forward to break a fall;
  • Muscle contusion – when a muscle is bruised (usually from a fall) – most common on the hip or thigh;
  • Knee pain – from the highly repetitive motion of pedalling with a flexed knee;
  • Foot pain – generally from constant pressure on the foot while pedalling;
  • Neck pain – often caused by poor posture while cycling;
  • Lower back pain – from holding the back flexed for a long period; and
  • Achilles tendon injuries – from overuse while pedalling.

For all of these common cycling injuries, as well as others, your physiotherapist can develop a treatment plan to get you back to cycling shape. Whether you bicycle for fun, for transport, or for competition it is important for you to get back into riding condition.

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