Beneficial Physio Treatments for Runners

May 13th, 2017 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

physiotherapy for running injuriesRunning injuries are seen fairly frequently in physiotherapy offices – approximately 25 percent of runners will have an injury at any one given time. Often these injuries are a result of a change to the runner’s workload – whether that is change in time or distance of training, terrain, intensity of training, technique, or footwear. Luckily all of these issues can be helped by a solid plan for physiotherapy.

Your physiotherapist will look at a few different areas to determine what may have led to your injury, and how best to fix the issue. Some of the items covered in your appointment may include: your specific running biomechanics, footwear advice, your training load, and your muscle capabilities.

Once the reasons for your injury have been identified, you physiotherapist will work with you to get you back to running as soon as your injury will allow. Your injury may require a short period of rest, followed with some cross training, and exercises to get you back in running shape.

Your physiotherapist will also give you an outline on how to help you avoid future running injuries. This outline should include a customized warm up and cool down routine based on your body’s needs and running habits, advice on footwear suitable for your feet, and a training plan.

If you develop further injury, consult your physiotherapist for an individual assessment and training program.

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