A Few Tips on Preventing Back Pain & Injury

April 3rd, 2018 | in Physiotherapy White Rock

Back pain is likely to strike at some point in life – whether due to injury, improper workplace ergonomics, or another issue; back pain is a part of life for many people. Luckily, there are many tips that are fairly easy to follow to help avoid back pain or injury.

Some great suggestions for preventing back pains or strains include the follow tips.

Proper Posture

Keeping a proper posture is important for a healthy back whether you are either sitting or standing. To keep a posture that is best for your back, follow these tips:

  • Keep feet shoulder-width apart;
  • Keep your weight in the balls of your feet;
  • Let arms naturally down your sides; and
  • Stand straight with shoulders pulled backwards.


To avoid back injury and strain, keeping a regular exercise regime is very beneficial. Increase core stability with core-specific exercises, or try out exercises specifically meant to tackle back pain such as cat stretches, lower back rotational stretches, and knee-to-chest stretches.

Keeping a Healthy Weight

It’s not always a fun subject, but staying a healthy weight for your body type reduces a significant amount of strain on your back and core muscles. No one likes being told to lose weight, but the truth is that exercise, healthy eating, and avoiding lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive drinking can make a big different on your weight and your overall health – including any back pain you may be experiencing.


Many back injuries occur in the workplace – often caused by physical stress such as being forced into a position that is not ideal for a length of time, making repeated motions, or simply overuse. Ergonomics should always be strongly considered when setting up a workspace. During work, you should always try moving around occasionally to avoid staying in one position for any length of time.

Proper Lifting Habits

Protect your back from injury when lifting objects. Keep a wide base of support, squat down, and maintain good posture while lifting. Lift slowly, and hold the object as close to your body as possible.

While back pain tends to be part in the lives on many people, it is possible to avoid it from affecting your life in a consistent manner. Following these tips can ensure your back stays healthy and happy long term.

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